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Environmental Charter

This Council is committed to continuous environmental improvement and will adopt a set of policies that reflect its concern for the quality of the local and global environment. Blossom in St John's park

The Council will:

  • Raise awareness of environmental issues amongst its staff and residents and work force of the town to encourage a greater responsibility towards the environment.
  • Aim to reduce its own energy consumption and promote energy conservation in Burgess Hill.
  • Purchase goods and services from environmentally accredited sources.
  • Encourage facilities and schemes that reuse, recycle or minimise waste both within the Council’s operations and within the town generally.
  • Use environmentally “safe” methods for grounds maintenance and avoid the use of environmentally harmful pesticides.
  • Promote the use of composting and oppose the use of peat based products from non-sustainable sources.
  • Encourage the community to keep the town litter, dog excrement and graffiti free.
  • Involve the community in protecting and enhancing open spaces, trees, waters and hedgerows by encouraging the development of local nature conservation strategies and the residents groups to support them.
  • Promote cycling, walking and the use of public transport.
  • Monitor the Council’s performance in accordance with the Environmental Charter by an annual audit.

In the last year different groups in the town have got involved in protecting and enhancing the environment.  CAE undertook a community clean up on the Green Circle, the Disabilities Trust and Hurst College students each held a footpath clearance day in the town, Tesco staff held a clear up day in Victoria Ward, and in Leylands Ward residents and ward councillors held a clear up day.  In addition, the Town Council produced footpath maps to encourage walking and a footpath between The Brow and School Close has been upgraded.  The Town Council continues to encourage the community to improve the local area by supporting campaigns such as Pavements are for People to encourage motorists to keep pavements clear and promoting events such as the Burgess Hill in Bloom Summer Competition and the Burgess Hill Bike Ride in its About Town magazine which is issued quarterly.