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Green Circle Network

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What is the Green Circle Network?

The Green Circle Network is a ring of wildlife sites around and within the town, connected to one another and protected from development. This enables wildlife to survive and flourish around Burgess Hill, to the benefit and enjoyment of the whole community. The Network also provides residents with easy access to these open spaces, connected by a series of traffic-free routes. 

Please click on the following link to view a map of The Green Circle Cycle Routes and Wildlife corridors in pdf version.

Burgess Hill Green Circle Public Art Scheme                                                                                                                                                            

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Wildlife and Community - the latest Newslatter & Programme  

Burgess Hill Town Council has invited artist's submissions to develop a series of five public artworks on the Green Circle in Burgess Hill.

For further information on this project, please click here.                               



The southern and south western section – the “Green Crescent” – is already in place, with continuous footpaths, cycle tracks or bridleways joining Batchelors Farm and Nightingale Lane Meadows in the east with Pangdean Meadows in the west, just south of West End Farm. It is planned to continue this link to complete the Green Circle all around the town.

There will be several safe pathways connecting the outer circle of sites to the centre of town, offering walkers, cyclists and wheelchair users a viable alternative to their cars and public transport for regular journeys to work, school, shops, etc. Unanimously approved by Burgess Hill Town Council in 2008, the Green Circle Network now forms part of the Burgess Hill Neighbourhood Plan and will be a part of the Mid Sussex District Council’s District Plan once this has been adopted in Autumn 2016.

The Friends of Burgess Hill Green Circle Network (registered charity 1118153) provides volunteers who help maintain and increase the Network. Most of its conservation work parties take place on Bedelands Nature Reserve - at over 30 hectares it is the largest and most diverse open space in Burgess Hill. With seven wildflower meadows, including the Coronation Meadow for West Sussex, ancient woodland and several ponds, it requires constant maintenance to keep its footpaths clear for the public as well as monitoring and improving habitats for resident wildlife.

The Friends host frequent educational and sociable open-air events, all of which are FREE. These include guided nature walks and surveys for all ages, as well as holiday activities for schoolchildren, including the ever-popular annual Children’s Safari.


How do I get involved?
Membership of the Friends group is open to all for a small annual subscription, currently £6 per household per year. This includes a quarterly 12-page A4 colour newsletter.

Application forms are available from Burgess Hill Town Council’s Help Point, 99, Church Walk or from the Friends of Burgess Hill Green Circle Network (click here for a link to their website).  

Why not join now, enjoy group events and help ensure the future of your town and countryside for your children and grandchildren to enjoy?

Click here to view some of the Friends Group LATEST NEWSLETTER.