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The Town Council provides an increasing range of services for the community, from enhancing and maintaining the town's roundabouts and burial ground, through to providing the very decorative christmas lights during the festive season. Please click on the picture links below to find out more.

About Town Magazine 
   Link to information about the Magazine   


   Link to more information about Allotment sites in Burgess Hill   


Burial Ground
  Link to more information about Burgess Hill Burial Ground  


Click here for more information


Christmas Lights
Link to more information about Burgess Hill's Christmas Lights


 Outdoor Maintenance
  Link to more information about the Outdoor Maintenance Services  


  Link to information about the Roundabout Sponsorship scheme   

The Burgess Hill Town Crier

Neil Batsford, Burgess Hill Town Crier has recently retired after 21 years of ‘crying’.

For further information regarding the ''Town Crier'' please contact Sara Moss at Burgess Hill Town Council on 01444 238212 or email

 Link to more information about the Town Crier    

If you require more information or cannot find what you are looking, then our Help Point team will be happy to assist.  Contact the Help Point at 96 Church Walk, Burgess Hill.  Tel:01444 247726.  Fax: 01444 2333707.  Email: