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A member of the mobile maintenance team spraying weedsBurgess Hill Town Council undertakes annual weed sprays on kerb side vegetation in Burgess Hill on behalf of West Sussex County Council.  If you notice a particularly weedy area please contact the Help Point on 01444 247726 or click here to report it online.

To report problems of Ragwort on West Sussex County Council land, please telephone 01243 642105 or go to  

For further information on Ragwort visit West Sussex County Council's website.

To report problems of Ragwort on Mid Sussex District Council land telephone 01444 477579 or email  

NB: If you are concerned about Ragwort or other injurious weeds spreading to your land, you must first approach the owner/occupier of the land on which the weeds are growing and ask them to take steps to clear the weeds.  In the vast majority of cases the owner/occupier of the land will normally react positively.