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Have your say about Burgess Hill Branding


Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC) are looking to develop a brand for Burgess Hill to help raise awareness about the exciting plans for the town and to act as a catalyst for further business investment. Social Communications have been engaged by MSDC to deliver a coherent and comprehensive approach to communications about all the new developments, and after holding a number of workshops with local councillors and street surveys (collecting responses from over 600 residents) several brand options have been developed and local residents are being asked for their help to make the final choice. To find out further information and have your say visit 



Q&A from Social Communications

Q Will this replace the current Burgess Hill Town Council logo?

A No.  This is simply a logo to bring together communications about the new developments and make it easier for people to find out information about them.

Q. Isn't this simply a waste of money that should be spent delivering projects for Burgess Hill?

A. We feel that investing in good quality communications about all the developments happening in and around Burgess Hill is important for residents and businesses.

Q. How will this actually help communications?

A. By providing a visual signal as to where information can be found and a linking projects together to give a sense as to what is being delivered as part of the Burgess Hill developments.

Q. When can I take part?

A. #BurgessHillDecides runs between 25th October and 8th November.

Q. Where can I find more information?

A. Visit