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Electric Vehicle Charging Points

To support local residents in the use of electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging points have been installed across West Sussex. The points have been provided free of charge by SSE Contracting in partnership with West Sussex County Council. Link to the Charge Your Car website

Any resident that wishes to make use of the charging points can do so by becoming a member of the Charge Your Car scheme. For an annual fee, residents will receive unlimited access to every electric charging point in the West Sussex network and other recharging posts that form part of the wider Charge Your Car network.

The Burgess Hill charging point is located at Cyprus Road Car Park and there is another in Haywards Heath at Hazlegrove Road Car Park.

To use the new electric charging points simply register by visiting

For an alternative UK charging point map, please click on the following link which has details of over 6,500 charging points around the country.