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Click on the following link to view theBurgess Hill Town Council’s Environmental Charter which forms the basis of the Town Council’s approach towards a sustainable and healthy environment for all its residents.  In this section you will discover how the Town Council works to achieve this approach and how you too can protect and enjoy your local environment.

Click on the picture links for further information.


National Plant Monitoring Scheme
Launching in spring 2015
Click on the picture link for more information


Animal Welfare
Link to information on Animal Welfare Groups


Anti-Social Behaviour
Link to information on local work to combat anti-social behaviour


Click here for information on local Conservation groups


Dog Bins
Link to information on dog bins and how to report any bin problems


Energy Efficiency
Link to information on organisations who can help you be more energy efficient


Information about flooding


Click here for information on fly posting and how to report it


Graffiti Removal
Click here for information on graffiti and how to report it


Grass Cutting
Click here for information on grass cutting


Green Circle 
Link to information about the Burgess Hill Green Circle Network


Parks &
Open Spaces
 Click here for information on local parks and open spaces


 Link to information regarding local Pollution issues


Recycling & Waste
Link to information about local recycling facilities including the Town Council's Recycling Guide




Sustainable Business
Click here for information on the West Sussex Sustainable Business Partnership 


Click here for information on Town Council efforts to combat weed growth in public spaces 



























If you require more information or can’t find what you’re looking for, then our Help Point team will be happy to assist.  Contact the Help Point at 96 Church Walk, Burgess Hill. Tel: 01444 247726. Fax: 01444 233707.  Email: