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Pop-up Escape Room



Your team of urban explorers have caught wind of a hot new spot to take some cool photos and see some strange sight. The old 1940’s hospital was abandoned many years ago but many of the wards have been left untouched. You decide to check it out. After a long evening of exploring, you decide to call it a day. But things take a dark turn when your group suddenly falls unconscious. Waking up several hours later, you find yourselves locked in one of the wards of the hospital. You must escape before whoever did this returns to finish what they started.

The Pop-Up Escape Room experience is now landing in Church Walk, Burgess Hill on Saturday 30 March between 10am and 5pm. This is an interactive team game in which players must solve a series of puzzles within a 30 minute time limit in order to escape from the room they are locked in.

The Escape Room games cost £5 per team and there must be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 players per team. There is very limited availabilty and games must be booked in advance. To book a game online please visit and choose from a selection of time slots. You can also book in person at the Help Point, 96 Church Walk Burgess Hill or by calling 01444 247726.

The Escape Room is suitable for ages 14+