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Mid Sussex Wood Recycling Project

Link to Mid Sussex Wood Recycling websiteEvery day, a huge amount of waste timber is generated by industries working in construction, demolition and manufacture. Every year, UK business buys approximately 6 million wooden pallets, the majority of these being non-returnable.

The Mid Sussex Wood Recycling Project was formed in 2007 to prevent thousands of tonnes of wood going to landfill locally by collecting timber waste from local business and the construction industry.

Recycled wood rocking chairThe Project is a not-for-profit environmental group that is financially self-supporting. Their income is derived from the charges made for their collection service and from sales of wood and wood products. Any surplus is reinvested to make sure they can continue to provide a vital environmental service to the Mid Sussex area.

The Project is open Sunday - Friday 10am-4pm, at The Old Dairy Barn, Brooklands Farm, Rocky Lane, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 4RR. Website:  The Project sells a large selection of DIY timbers, mountains of firewood and are able to create unique pieces of oak furniture, coffee tables and benches.

If you would like free impartial advice on timber waste disposal please telephone 07974 933940.