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Burgess Hill Town Council - Council Tax Freeze for Third Year

Burgess Hill Town Council has agreed not to increase its element of the Council Tax for the 2011/12 Financial Year, for the third year running.  At a meeting of the full Council, Councillors agreed that the Town Council should continue to take a leading role in helping to minimize financial pressures on residents in the present climate of government cuts.

The Council had been faced with the prospect of a significant reduction in the partnership income it receives, but following lengthy negotiations with its partner councils this funding has been largely secured, and with prudent budgeting  the Town Council has been able to achieve a 0% Council Tax increase. With continued sound management of its finances, this will enable the Council, for the next financial year to maintain the levels of services that it provides to the Town and its residents.  The Town Council’s element of the Council Tax will remain at the 2008 rate of £63.58, which is £1.22 a week for all of the services provided. 

Commenting on the budget, Councillor Andrew Barrett-Miles said, “I am pleased that through the hard work and flexibility of the staff we are able, for the third year running, to avoid any increase in our precept and at the same time improve the services we offer to the public.”

Chris Thomas-Atkin, Chairman of the Council added, “Given the current trend of reductions in services being announced across the country, it is testament to the commitment of the Town Council that it continues to deliver a quality service with added value for our residents, whilst maintaining the freeze on its precept.  Successfully negotiating the partnership income, and prudent budgeting, were critical factors in seeking to preserve the level of the Councils services, and I would like to acknowledge the work of the Town Clerk and his staff in achieving a successful outcome for our residents.”