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Burgess Hill Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Plan has been developed by Burgess Hill Town Council with help and comments from residents and community groups. 

Burgess Hill’s Neighbourhood Plan has now been finalised and sent to Mid Sussex District Council, who will check it for legal compliance and conformity with national and local policies.  They will then carry out a further “pre-examination” public consultation before submitting it for independent examination. 

The Examiner will examine the Plan and the responses to the pre-examination consultation.  Once any amendments recommended by the Examiner have been made to the Plan it will be subject to a referendum and all residents on the Electoral Register will be eligible to vote.  The outcome will be a simple majority either in favour or against the Neighbourhood Plan.

Chairman of the Strategic Planning Key Area Group, Councillor Andrew Barrett-Miles said, “this is an important milestone in establishing a long term planning framework for the Town which will govern development within the Town and protect our remaining green space.  The role played by our community through working groups and consultation has been vital to ensure that this is a true community plan.”

A copy of the Plan and associated documents are available on Burgess Hill Town Council’s website and a reference copy is available at the Town Council Offices at 96 Church Walk.