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Burgess Hill Town Council is extending an invitation to all community groups and organisations in the town to meet with a working group set up to establish what the accommodation needs in the town are. These needs include meeting and performance spaces and the type of furniture and equipment required to make the space functional. The opportunity will also be used to set up a database of the groups of which 100 have so far been identified and to better understand the myriad of good works carried out in the town.  
Once the needs have been established the Council will be in a better position to see how current facilities in the town might be utilised and plan for additional facilities if required. The Council acquired the Royal British Legion building in Cyprus Road last year.  The information gathered will assist in planning the future of this building in a way which best accommodates the needs of as many organisations as possible.  In so doing, the Council recognises that there are existing facilities in town and does not want to compete or generate too much space on the one hand while on the other ensuring that whatever is provided will be used.
The members of the working party feel that a personal approach is far better than sending out a survey and are setting up appointments for the working party to meet with organisations over the next 2 months.  Members of the working party are available to meet during the day, in the evening or even on Saturday mornings. If your organisation has not yet been contacted please email with your details and an appointment will be set up.