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Burgess Hill Town Council has awarded grants totalling £12,422 to a wide range of voluntary organisations and community groups that provide activities and services for the benefit of the town’s residents. 
The following groups were awarded a minor grant:
4Sight                                                   £400
Respect Youth Club                                £400
St Catherine’s Hospice                           £500
Burgess Hill Rugby Club                         £500
SASBAH                                                £250
Signposts Mid Sussex                            £1,000
Speak Up                                              £1,000
Windmills Opportunity Playgroup            £500
Kangaroos                                             £972
Mid Sussex Older People’s Council          £400
The following groups were awarded a major grant:
St Peter & St James Hospice                 £1,000
Southway Home School Association       £2,500 
St John the Evangelist                           £3,000
Councillor Pru Moore, Chairman of the Community Development Key Area Group, said: “The Council recognises the valuable contribution made by the town’s many voluntary groups and is keen to support those who are working hard to help themselves and others.” 
Minor Grants of up to £1,000 for running costs and capital costs are awarded in two phases, in June and October, with application deadlines of 30 April and 31 August respectively.  The applications deadline for Major Grants of more than £1,000 for capital costs only, is 30 September.
Application forms and supporting information can be obtained from the Town Council’s website, by contacting the Council on 01444 247726 or by emailing