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Burgess Hill Town Council is delighted to have developed a new shrub bed on Queen Elizabeth Avenue with assistance from students from Woodlands Meed. The bed will enhance this main access to the centre of the town and is part of an ongoing initiative to ensure that the town is as attractive as possible. The bed was designed and built by the Town Council’s Maintenance Team Leader Nick Setford and his colleagues who are responsible for ensuring that the town’s roundabouts and other features in the public realm are maintained to a high standard.
Town Mayor Jacqui Landriani unveiled a plaque to acknowledge the assistance given by the students.  She said “Burgess Hill Town Council and its partners try hard to ensure that the town always looks its best. Queen Elizabeth Avenue is a busy entrance to the town and it is important that it creates a favourable impression. I am pleased that students from Woodlands Meed assisted with this project and their names are up on a board to acknowledge their involvement and for all to see.”
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Pictured unveiling a commemorative board at a new shrub bed in Queen Elizabeth Ave, Burgess Hill is Town Mayor Jacqui Landriani with the Head Teacher of Woodlands Meed Adam Rowland and students from Woodlands Meed, Wendy Agate, Tesco Community Champion, and Nick Setford with members of the mobile maintenance team. The students assisted with the planting of the bed.