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Stop smoking surgeries are held at Burgess Hill Town Council’s Help Point, 96 Church Walk to provide expert advice to local people.  A surgery is held every fortnight on a Monday from 10.00-13.00 hours.  The advice sessions for November take place on the 14 and 28 November.  No Appointment necessary – just pop in to the Help Point.
What is a Stop Smoking Drop-in?
•           A Stop Smoking Drop-in is somewhere where you can see a Stop Smoking Advisor to help if you want to stop smoking
•           You don’t need an appointment
•           You will meet one-to-one with your advisor
•           It’s funded by the Council so it is free for you
What does a Stop Smoking Advisor do?
•           Trained health workers who have helped hundreds of people become ex-smokers
•           They will listen to you and help you choose a way to quit that will work best
•           They will help if it gets difficult
•           What if I go back to smoking?
•           Sometimes it takes several attempt, we see any smoker no matter how many times they’ve tried to quit
•           Have another go with us when you are ready, you’ll get there!