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Chicken Tikka Masala has for years topped the poll of Britain’s favourite foods. Now a shortage of curry chefs is threatening the future of curry restaurants across the UK, including Mid Sussex. This shortage has been caused by increasingly tough immigration rules, so that restaurants are unable to hire the skilled chefs they need.
Local curry restaurant owners will meet with Mid Sussex MP Sir Nicholas Soames at Burgess Hill Town Council on Friday 15 December, at 11am, to discuss the shortage of skilled staff and the impact this is having on their businesses. 

Mustak Miah, Secretary of Mid Sussex Bangladeshi Welfare Association, said: “We have requested this meeting with Sir Nicholas Soames to ask for his help. All curry restaurants are struggling and many owners are just giving up and closing their businesses. I cannot get enough skilled staff so I am working longer and longer hours to plug the gap – I am near to giving up. We desperately need a solution to keep this industry going.”