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Burgess Hill Town Council Leader Robert Eggleston announced the result of the public poll to choose a name for the new Community & Performance Centre to be built in Cyprus Road at the first meeting of the new Town Council on Monday 13 May. The name which drew the most votes is The Beehive Centre.
Two motivations were given for the name. The first from Fred Avery, a local historian, was that this was the name given to the tall conical shaped kilns which were on all of Burgess Hill's brickmaking sites. The second from a tutor group at Downlands Community School was the historical connection with the early filmmaker John Charles Bee-Mason who lived in Burgess Hill and produced two famous short films about bees, which are in the British Film Institute. He even changed his name to incorporate the word 'bee' in it. 
Local schools and the public were invited to participate in the naming of the new centre. Other names which were shortlisted from a list of 33 entries were Brickworks, Wyvern, Hambrook and The Burgess Hill Centre. Downlands Community School will be rewarded with a cheque of £200 and an opportunity to use the centre free of charge for an event in the future.
The decision to name the centre is important as it now has an identity. Branding and fundraising using the name will follow.