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At the meeting of the Burgess Hill Town Council Planning Committee on Tuesday 28 May 2019, a cross party group of councillors reviewed the efficiency and effectiveness of the planning surgeries which have been held at Burgess Hill Library at three weekly intervals from 10.00am - 11.00am on a Saturday.  
The meeting noted that attendance at the surgeries had been poor for some years, increasingly so as all planning applications are now available online and are easily accessible directly by residents.  Additionally, Councillors considered the library was not conducive to public meetings & discussions by its nature as a reading room. They also considered that due to the digital nature of the plans, it is increasingly easy for Councillors to meet with residents at their convenience where they live to discuss issues and concerns, and that residents already contact their councillors to discuss planning issues directly.  In light of these points, the committee determined to cease the planning surgeries in this format going forward.
Any residents with concerns about a planning issue in their ward are encouraged to get in touch with their respective councillor, whose details can be found on the Town Council website, and they will be happy to help in a way which is convenient for you. Councillors are also introducing a rolling programme of community based surgeries which will improve accessibility as these will not be restricted to a one hour Saturday slot every three weeks.