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The Year 10 Tutor Group from Downlands School were the winners of the competition held by Burgess Hill Town Council to name its future community centre. The group were presented with a £200 cheque for coming up with the name Beehive and will be allowed to host a free event in the centre when it opens. 
The name came from the historical connection with the early filmmaker John Charles Bee-Mason who lived in Burgess Hill and produced two famous short films about bees which are in the British Film Institute. Well-known local historian Fred Avery also suggested the name and based it on the name given to the tall conical shaped kilns which were on all of Burgess Hill's brickmaking sites. 
Pictured are Mr Whitman Year 10 Achievement Leader, Mrs Ridley in charge of Pastoral Care, Jess who suggested the name, Fred Avery, Gabby, Council Leader Cllr Robert Eggleston, Amelia, Haydn and Mrs Moller.