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Personal Security

Posted on October 20, 2020 - 4:47pm

Personal Security

Think about your personal security while in town

Think about your personal security while in town
Protecting your wallets and purses

Check your bag is closed and secure
Wear a shoulder bag across the front of your
Check your purse/wallet regularly
Always be mindful of your surroundings
When taking out cash from a cash point
machine try to use one with CCTV
preferably inside the bank
Cover the key pad when entering
your PIN number
Place your wallet/phone/purse in a
secure bag or in a pocket at
the front of your person

DO NOT leave your bag unattended
or insecure
DO NOT leave your bag in a
shopping trolley or on the back of a pram
DO NOT have loved ones photos in
your purse/wallet unless you have copies
DO NOT tell untrusted people
your PIN number
DO NOT have the same PIN number
for all your cards
DO NOT have your bank card PIN
number written down in your purse/wallet
DO NOT place your wallet/phone/purse
in a back pocket

If something does happen to your purse/wallet
– Cancel your cards immediately and report it to police
– Inform the store/s you have been in, so they can put the details out
over the Shopwatch radio and check their cameras.
You can buy purse bells and cables at the Help Point, Church Walk, Burgess Hill.
Further crime prevention advice can be found at