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Outset Youth Action

Link to the Outset Youth Action websiteOutset Youth Action is a successful approach to youth volunteering. It enables thousands of young people across the country to become active in their own time, meet other young people, gain skills, have fun and put into reality their ideas and priorities that are of benefit to their own communities.  

Outset supports young people to develop and lead their own volunteering opportunities and allows them to have more choice or say over what volunteering they do. Young people are given the opportunity to play a key role in the design, delivery and evaluation of projects.

There are nine Key Principles at the heart of the Youth Action approach.

1. Youth Participation
Young people are in the driving seat – they decide what happens.

2. Benefiting others
Young people don’t just do it for themselves!  Others benefit too!

3. Fun & rewarding
No one wants to do something that’s boring – it has to be fun!

4. Flexibility
It should be when, where and how young people want it.

5. Support
Young people aren’t just ‘left to it,’ they’re supported in their aspirations and efforts.

6. Recognition

Say thank you! Young people’s efforts should be celebrated

7. Progression & leadership

Young people want to develop – they enjoy a challenge – and this should be built in.

8. Diverse & inclusive
Anyone should be able to do Youth Action.  Think creatively to break down those barriers.

9. Developmental & educative

Youth Action is a journey with learning and education an important part of the experience.

For further information telephone 01798 831153, email or visit their website: