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Partnership Groups and Outside Organisations

         PARTNERSHIP GROUPS                       OUTSIDE ORGANISATIONS          


APPOINTMENT OF PARTNERSHIP GROUPS 2017-2018                                             

Burgess Hill Business Parks Association (meets quarterly at 16:00)
CEO and Adrew Barrett-Miles

Bus Forum (meets three times a year during the day) 
Wendy Agate, Colin Holden, Jacqui Landriani and Liz Clark

Cultural Quarter Steering Group (meets as and when necessary at 18:00) 
Andrew Barrett-Miles, Richard Cherry, Colin Holden, Wendy Agate and Janice Henwood.

East Burgess Hill Liaison Group
Claire Fussell, John Merrill, Julian Thorpe, Chris Cherry, Colin Holden, Kirsty Page and Anne Jones MBE

Mid Sussex Parish Liaison Group
Colin Holden and the CEO 

Mid Sussex Association of Town Councils (meets quarterly during the evening)
Jacqui Landriani, Pru Moore, Chris Thomas-Atkins, Janice Henwood and the CEO.

Pubwatch (meets monthly during the day)
Pru Moore and Liz Clark

Shopwatch (meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month at 18:10)
Richard Cherry and Liz Clark

Town Centre Partnership Group  (meets bi-annually at 10:00)
Andrew Barrett-Miles and the CEO

OUTSIDE ORGANISATIONS 2017-2018                                                               

Burgess Hill Bonfire Society
Chris Thomas Atkin

Burgess Hill Youth (meets quarterly during the evening)
Steve Hansford

Burgess Hill Horticultural Society (meets bi-monthly during the evening)
Pru Moore

Cyprus Hall Community Association (meeting bi-monthly during Tuesday afternoons)
Chris Cherry and Anne Jones

Fairtrade Town Group
Janice Henwood

Green Circle Steering Group (meeting twice yearly during the evening)
Janice Henwood 

Sidney West Centre Charity Trustees (meets quarterly, early evening)
Chris Thomas-Atkin and Julian Thorpe

Jacqui Landriani

Summerhaven (meets Sunday and Wdnesday in the afternoon)  
Janice Henwood

Sussex Association of Local Councils
Anne Jones and Colin Holden
The Friends of Burgess Hill Green Circle Network
(meeting quarterly during the evening)
Steve Hansford

Town Twinning Association
Jacqui Landriani or Chris Cherry