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Safety and Practical Items

Visit the shop in person at Burgess Hill Tourist Information Centre, 96 Church Walk, Burgess Hill. Telephone: 01444 247726 or email:

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Scoop the Poop Bags     Bus Pass Holder     Window shock alarms     Personal Alarm
Red Heart Alarm     Silver Heart Alarm     Many women do not carry Personal Alarms
because they are either too bulky or not
aesthetically appealing. Therefore these new
metallic designs alarms are a perfect solution.
The Accessorise Alarm is designed as a small
Metallic Heart Trinket which attaches to
Handbags with its tiny G-Clip. The Accessorise
Alarm has the practical feature of an ON/OFF
switch so the Alarm can be switched off when
necessary (At work, college etc). It also
features a captive pin so the Alarm can be
activated to set off its 125db siren and the
pin is easily replaced to be deactivated.
Football Alarm     Fitted with an easily attached G-Clip, the alarm can be clipped to any Bag,
Rucksack, Handbag or Clothing. It has a separate pull pin activation which sets
off a 125db siren. Most importantly with the addition of the Alarm's On/Off
switch the Minder Sports Ball Alarm can be switched off when not required.
This could be when in School, College or Work. Therefore avoiding any
embarrassing false activation at all times.

Also ideal as an anti bullying device.

Bear key-ring Alarm     The Bear Key-ring alarm combines an ear piercing 140 dB alarm with a unique
and trendy design. Highly collectable in four stylish colours this new product
could revolutionise Personal Safety. The Bear Key-ring personal alarm was
designed following an intensive marketing survey amongst young people.

Size: 60mm x 40mm x 20mm

Batteries Included

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Liquid Level Indicator     Communiclock      Bumpons     Large Print Scrabble
    Easy to See Remote Control