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Schmallenberg logoAlthough the population of Schmallenberg is much the same as Burgess Hill, if you take in to account the surrounding villages, you have the distinct impression of being away from it all, up in the hills.  As you wander round the town (there are just two main streets) you cannot fail to be impressed by the neat, tidy streets and the attractive half timbered houses.  At each road junction there are surprising views of wooded hills.

Schmallenberg Countryside

You can explore the local countryside on one of the many footpaths thorough the forest and in winter there are opportunities for cross country skiing. Winterberg, a winter sports resort a short drive from Schmallenburg is famous for its bob ski run.

Schmallenberg is a summer / winter holiday resort and there are numerous hotels and guest houses in and around the area. Most visitors to the town are German but the local people are hospitable when they discover you are English and go out of their way to overcome any language barriers.

Schmallenberg Town Houses

If you are fortunate enough to visit Schmallenberg at the time of the “Woche” (rather like our Summer Festival) which takes place every other year at the end of August, you cannot fail to be delighted by the stalls and entertainment in the streets. No doubt you will soon been tempted to join the locals at one of the many beer stalls in the Town Square!

Schmallenburg Town


To find out more please click on the following link to visit the Schmallenberg Tourist Information website.

German visitors planning to visit Burgess Hill might find the following leaflet helpful: Genießen Burgess Hill.

Schmallenberg has a thriving business community, please click here to find out more about local businesses (to translate, right click on the new webpage and there should be a translation option).