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St John's Park

  View of St John's Park
  Picture taken at St John's Skate Park
  Tennis image

St John's Park is a popular park in the centre of Burgess Hill. It covers an area of just over one hectare and offers a range of activities from quiet seating areas, a skate park, a childrens playground, a cricket green & pavilion and tennis courts.


Skate Park
St John's Park has a well-equipped skating area made up of a street course with an indestructible seat and grind rail.

Tennis Courts
The Park has 3 tennis courts which can be booked by telephoning 01444 247726, in person at the Help Point, 96 Church Walk, Burgess Hill or click here to book online

Cricket Practice Nets
Burgess Hill Cricket Club have the use of the cricket pitch but there are two practice nets available for public use - to book call 01444 477379.

Basketball Practice Hoop
This is situated next to the skating area and available all year round.