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Town-Wide Strategy

  View of Church Walk, Burgess Hill

Burgess Hill Town Council is committed to taking a lead role in the future development of the town and its economy to make it an even better place in which to live, work and invest.  Working with its partners - the local planning authority of Mid Sussex District Council, West Sussex County Council and other local organisations, the Town Council has been creating a vision for the town which inspires and can ultimately be delivered.

This has resulted in the production of a Town-Wide Strategy for the development of the town over the next 20 years. The strategy was subject to a consultation exercise and the majority of those responding were in favour of this approach.

The Town Council and the Burgess Hill (Councillors) Three Tiers Group have now unanimously adopted the strategy and it has been forwarded to Mid Sussex District Council for inclusion in the District Plan. 

To view the full report on the consultation process, a summary of responses and to see the original exhibition proposals, please click on the links below.

Consultation Feedback
Firstly, thank you to all those residents, community groups and businesses who took the time and trouble to respond to the consultation process. We received 825 completed questionnaires in total. A particular thank you to those who stopped by during the six, four-hour sessions with councillors in The Market Place on Saturday mornings. The opinions put forward and suggestions have greatly informed the process for the future planning of Burgess Hill. This is just the start of an ongoing partnership with the community.

The Results
The high level of support for a 20 year strategy for the future development of the town and the Town Council taking the lead role in the process was appreciated. The level of support received for the Plan for Burgess Hill and the detailed comments and associated priorities, now enable us to proceed to the next stage. The overwhelming priority is the revitalisation of the town centre and that is being treated accordingly. This is closely followed by the community and environmental issues and transport.

Summary of Overall Comments
There is a great deal of affection for Burgess Hill and a desire to see it improve. Many referred to the town centre as dying and liked the fact that it would be improved. Many saw that improvement as the first stage of any regeneration supported by good public transport to get people to the shops. People living in surrounding towns and villages also wanted to use Burgess Hill more for shopping, leisure and employment and welcomed proposals for better parking, better public transport and a wider range of shops.

Submission to Mid Sussex District Council
The Town Council submitted a comprehensive report on the process to Mid Sussex District Council for consideration as part of the District Plan. The report summarises the town-wide strategy for the next 20 years, details the extensive consultation process and identifies the next stages with continued involvement of the Burgess Hill community. It also summarises the responses received and how the strategy takes these into consideration.

Mid Sussex District Council has subsequently included virtually all of the Burgess Hill Strategy in the Draft District Plan. This can be found on the following link:

Discussions with key developers/stakeholders
Throughout the preparation of the town-wide strategy the Town Council has led a Steering Group comprising Mid Sussex District Council Planning Officers, West Sussex County Council Highways Officers and key developers with whom the strategy has been developed. Other key stakeholders have been closely involved in the process, including English Nature, Southern Water, South East Water, statutory organisations, Environment Agency etc all of whom have contributed to the strategy.

Town Centre Redevelopment
The redevelopment of the town centre was overwhelmingly the highest priority and, in parallel with the town-wide strategy, work has already commenced by the owners of both The Martlets and Market Place shopping centres in drawing up revitalisation plans. Both see significant potential for the town centre and a planning application has already been submitted to extend Waitrose. The District and Town Councils are working closely with the shopping centre owners to develop a holistic plan for the town centre, which will be based on the Town Centre Master Plan agreed in 2006. This will ensure that not only a wide range of shops are included but new community facilities and improved public realm.

Your Continuing Involvement
The Town Council is committed to the continued involvement of residents, community groups and businesses in the delivery of a 20 year strategy. Since the Burgess Hill into the Future initiative in 2004, which paved the way for the strategy, the Town Council has involved the community in the future development of the town at each stage. It has established a Community Interest Company (CIC) in order to deliver the much needed community facilities. This will involve residents, representatives of community groups and business in the decision making process. The CIC could also have responsibilities for the management of those facilities after they have been built.

Click on the picture links below to download each document:
Please note the Strategy Report below is of a low resolution to make it accessible for all computers. A high resolution pdf is available on request, please email

Original Exhibition Proposals
Click here to view the set of proposals full screen


Town-Wide Strategy Report
Click here to download the Town-Wide Strategy Report, August 2011


Summary of Responses
Click here to download the Summary of Responses