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Street Lights

West Sussex County Council are responsible for the majority of street lights in our town, however, if you wish to report any Burgess Hill street lights that are damaged or not working please contact the Town Council’s Help Point on 01444 247726 or email  Alternatively, please report all faults online here.   It would be helpful if you could note the light's column number (which is on the light column itself) and give us the precise street location.


From 21st March 2016 West Sussex County Council has converted the majority of the residential roads in Burgess Hill to part night lighting.  Since 1974 West Sussex has predominately been a part night lit county in residential roads. Due to the escalating cost of energy, in 2014 WSCC decided to expand this policy to the Parishes within West Sussex that were currently lit all night.

The attached link lists all those streets that are converting to Part Night.

For more information about the decision taken by West Sussex County Council, please see the link below:

WSCC contact details: Contact: 0330 222 6677