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Test it Tuesday

Link to the West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service website.TEST YOUR SMOKE ALARM, NOT YOUR LUCK!

West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is launching a new campaign to encourage people to test their smoke alarms each week.

‘Test it Tuesday’ aims to get everyone testing their smoke alarms as part of their normal weekly routine.

There are many things we do as regular weekly activities – recycling bin out on a Monday, supermarket shop on a Wednesday, car wash on a Sunday - we all have our own list. By adding testing your smoke alarm to your ‘to do’ list on a Tuesday you can help to keep yourself and your family safe from fire. 
Link to West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service website
Jackie Boyle, Community Fire Safety Officer, explains the reason behind the campaign: “We all lead increasingly busy lives, so testing smoke alarms is often something that slips peoples’ minds. We hope that by encouraging everyone to test their smoke alarm on a set day each week it may help them get into a habit that could end up saving their lives. The message from us is simple – don’t test your luck, test your smoke alarm.”

To test your smoke alarm - simply press the test button until the alarm sounds. For more information and advice on choosing and fitting your smoke alarm visit or call the Community Fire Safety Team on 01243 642879.