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Burgess Hill into the Future


 The Future of Transport in Burgess Hill

 Junction Road Traffic 

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Sustainable transport for Burgess Hill

Burgess Hill into the Future's Transport Group is developing a strategy for transport within the town which will reduce congestion, avoid approaching gridlock and allow us all to get around in the years to come, without the need to cover our green spaces with tarmac. This page describes the Group's vision, outlines progress to date, and explains how
you can get involved.

What is Burgess Hill into the Future?

Click on the following link to find out more about Burgess Hill into the Future (BHitF), a community driven group which considers the direction of developments in the town. Following consultation on the future of Burgess Hill in 2004 with 82 representatives of various Town organisations, it developed an Action Plan which forms the basis of the Council’s ongoing work, in partnership with the District and County Councils.

The 2004 consultation process identified that transport is a major issue in our town. To address this, BHitF established a Transport sub-group.  This group looked at lots of individual problems that were still on the Action Plan's “to do” list, like cross-town congestion, the school run, the difficulty of cycling safely, etc., and decided that some long-term thinking was required. 

The big picture

Burgess Hill is already quite congested at peak times.  Government targets for house building mean that the town will grow significantly over the next 15 years.  The congestion will only get worse if we do nothing about it.  Building more roads isn't the answer: there isn't room for them, and we all know that new roads just attract more traffic, and move the congestion somewhere else.  In any case, as the oil starts to run out we need to be smarter about how we get around.  We've already seen the price of petrol rocket once: it won't be the last time! Our transport vision for Burgess Hill includes two key things: connectivity and choice. 

Connectivity means being able to make your journeys in a joined-up way.  You catch a bus (you know it's coming, because there's a real-time display telling you how soon it will arrive) which takes you to the rail station, where you know there will be a train within 15 minutes.  You cycle off-road to the long-distance coach station, leave your bike in a secure locker, and catch your bus to Heathrow.  You drive in to the edge of town, park the car, and hop on a minibus which takes you to your work on the Industrial Estate.

Choice means that it becomes easier to leave the car at home and make your journeys by less polluting means: walking, cycling and public transport.  This involves making Burgess Hill a safer and more pleasant place to walk and cycle.  It also means having public transport (ideally not powered by fossil fuel) which is more “joined up”, and which better matches the journeys we have to make.

The Transport Group have prepared a Report outlining this vision which has been approved by Burgess Hill Town Council. Click here to download a copy.

The First Stage: The Green Circle Network

Our first practical project is the Burgess Hill Green Circle Network.  This network meets two rather different needs. 

It will be a joined-up network of green spaces in and around the town, which provide a protected place for wildlife and for the enjoyment of nature.  The Network will link up our existing green spaces, such as Bedelands, the Green Crescent, and Batchelors Farm, and will add new ones such as land to the north of Sussex Way.

The Green Circle Network  is also a key first step in the implementation of our transport vision.  There will be a traffic-free route all around the town, and “spokes” from this circle will lead into the centre.  This network will make it much easier and more pleasant to get around town on a bike (or on foot: Burgess Hill isn't that big!).  Progress has already been made: the District Council recently completed an all-weather path though the Green Crescent which can be used by walkers, cyclists and equestrians.

The Green Circle Network has a Friends group.  You can join this group and get involved in the management of the town's green spaces and the development of the network.  Membership costs only £5 per household a year.  Contact the Membership Secretary on 01444 242667, pick up a form at the Town Council Help Point or visit