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Water Utilities

Water UtilitiesBurgess Hill and the surrounding area is served by South East Water (drinking water) and Southern Water (sewage).

SOUTH EAST WATER or click here to report a leak. 


Water Meters
As part of a five year investment programme agreed with Ofwat, South East Water will be installing 200,000 water meters by 2015, meaning that 70% of customers will have a meter by 2015 with the number due to reach 90% by 2020. This is a compulsory programme to fit meters to help protect future water supplies.

From Summer 2011 South East Water will begin metering in Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath. They offer a postcode search so that you can find a specific date for your address.

For more full details of the metering programme visit

Follow South East Water's advice to keep yourself protected against bogus callers during the metering programme.


Private manhole covers are not the responsibility of Southern Water.  To obtain a replacement manhole cover contact a Builder’s Merchant.

Drainage Maps are available from Southern Water 

Surface Water Drainage Rebate – please complete online form