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Outdoor Maintenance

The Town Council undertakes a wide variety of maintenance and enhancement programmes throughout the town on behalf of the Community. Unless otherwise stated, for more information or to report an issue please contact the Help Point, using our online form, by phoning 01444 247726 or emailing

Batchelors Farm

Batchelors Farm comprises of 33 acres of pasture land on the south side of Burgess Hill. It was purchased by the Town Council in 1993 for the benefit and enjoyment of Burgess Hill residents.

With sweeping views across open countryside to the South Downs, Batchelors Farm has become a popular beauty spot and is well used by local people, and maintained by Burgess Hill Town Council’s Maintenance Department.


Bus Shelters

Burgess Hill Town Council provides some of the bus shelters in our town which the Maintenance Team keep clean.


Dog Bins

Dog owners have a responsibility to clean up after their pets and to assist with this, Mid Sussex District Council place dog bins on their leisure land and Burgess Hill Town Council has bins on the land that we maintain and the public highway, where permitted by West Sussex County Council.

Report a problem with a dog bin here.



Under the 1980’s Highway Act flyposting is illegal, and makes our town look tatty, not to mention dangerous as drivers take their eyes off the road when trying to read the poster.

The Maintenance Team keep a sharp eye out for flyposting and remove it straight away.



Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. For information on how to dispose of commercial waste visit

For a fast response the Maintenance Team will clear where they can so please report any flytipping to the Help Point.


Folders Meadow

Burgess Hill Town Council undertakes to keep this children’s play area clean and safe as a delegated function on behalf of Fields in Trust.



Burgess Hill Town Council’s Maintenance Team undertakes the removal of graffiti in Burgess Hill and South Mid Sussex. Please click here to report graffiti.


Litter Bins

The majority of litter bins in our town are provided by Burgess Hill Town Council. If you would like to put forward a new location for a bin or report a damaged one please contact the Help Point.

Notice Boards

Burgess Hill Town Council has 18 noticeboards around the town which are used primarily to display Council information. Space prevailing, we will display posters promoting events for non-profit making organisations. This service is provided by our Maintenance Team.

If you would like us to display your notices please bring 22 copies (A4 portrait only please) into the Help Point. Posters will be displayed subject to space. Please deliver your posters to us well ahead of your event.


Roundabout Maintenance

Burgess Hill Town Council maintain the Roundabouts in town on behalf of West Sussex County Council.

If you are interested in sponsoring a roundabout please contact the land owners, West Sussex County Council via


Seats / Benches

Burgess Hill Town Council provides bench seating in locations around the town. If you have an idea for a new location or notice any damage or vandalism please contact the Help Point.


Shopping Trolleys

Shopping trolleys, if not returned to the store, can be an eyesore if left around the town and can also be used for anti-social behaviour.

If you see an unattended trolley please let the Help Point know. We will then contact the relevant store to arrange for it to be picked up.


Street Lights

The majority of street lights in our town are the responsibility of West Sussex County Council, with the Town Council also having responsibility for some.

If you need to report that a street light is not working or is damaged it would be helpful if you could obtain a column number and give us the precise location of the light.


Street Nameplates

Burgess Hill Town Council receives a sum of money from Mid Sussex District Council to undertake repairs or replace the street nameplates in Burgess Hill. Wherever possible the Maintenance Team will try and repair a sign but if a new one is needed then we take the opportunity to standardise the design throughout our town. Damaged street nameplates can be reported to the Help Point.