Burial Ground

COVID 19 – during this pandemic period and for the foreseeable future, the Burgess Hill Burial ground will remain open for burials, interments of cremated remains and for people to visit.  We would stress, however, should you wish to visit the burial ground you must observe the government’s rules in regard to social distancing and NOT to visit should you be in one of the vulnerable categories i.e. over 70 or have an underlying health issue.

The process for pre-purchasing a burial plot and/or arranging a burial has changed in that we will be unable to provide a face-to-face service and all documentation must be either emailed to burialground@burgesshill.gov.uk or posted to us at 96 Church walk, Burgess Hill, RH15 9AS. The forms you require are on the link further down this page or if you need the forms sent to you via post, please email burialground@burgesshill.gov.uk with your request or contact the number below for further assistance.

In regard to the funerals themselves, Government advice is clear in that gatherings of people are prohibited, however, the Government has not stipulated how may mourners can attend funerals. For the foreseeable future, and until further guidance is given by Government, we will be restricting access to funerals to close relatives only and up to a maximum of 6 people who are not in any of the high risk categories and are not self-isolating.



Burgess Hill Town Council is the burial authority for the parish of Burgess Hill, and it maintains the Burgess Hill Burial Ground which is situated on Jane Murray Way. The Burgess Hill Burial Ground was formally opened on 26 June 2004 and is expected to provide burial space for the town for the next 100 years.

The site has been sympathetically designed to blend in with its rural setting and the Green Woodland area provides an opportunity to enhance the environment whilst at the same time creating a living monument to loved ones.

There is good access to the site and water taps are conveniently situated. There are planning restrictions on the size of headstones (750mm high x 600mm wide) but there is a level of design flexibility within these parameters. The site is non-consecrated and open to all denominations. In addition, there is an area set aside for the burial of children, as well as a special site ‘The Glade’ for the scattering of ashes.

The Green area, with facilities for both burials and cremations, recreates traditional woodland, in keeping with the surrounding area, and a lasting habitat for the encouragement and protection of wildlife. The Green Burials area is located on the Northern side of the Burial Ground and has been there since its inception in 2004.

Click on the following link to download the Burial Ground Information Booklet and Application Forms 2020-2021 which includes all the relevant paperwork to be completed and returned to Burgess Hill Town Council, 96 Church Walk, Burgess Hill, RH15 9AS.

Please see pages 19-20 in our Burial Ground Booklet to find out about Charities and Counselling Services.