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Mid Sussex Meeples Game Day

Posted on March 15, 2022 - 1:57pm

Mid Sussex Meeples Game Day

27 March

Cyprus Hall, Cyprus Road


There are thousands of board games and I mean thousands, don’t believe me, then just head on over to the Board Game Geek website and have a peek… If your thoughts or experience with board games only extends to the realms of Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Game of Life, Scrabble etc, then let us open your eyes and lead you down our very deep rabbit hole.

Those games are the literal of literals, the tip of very, very large iceberg. It still shocks me today as I find more and more games that appeal to me, from a wide range of themes, mechanics and complexity.

Recent studies and from my own personal experience, the social aspect of board gaming can help with many depressive, anxious and social issues and help peoples mental health and wellbeing.

Our group is based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex for people from all walks of life, from those new to the hobby and the more experienced players. From the young right through to the young at heart, where we gather, play, laugh, teach and learn some of the wondrous games that can be played on a table top.

Many of our members are well seasoned in board gaming and like myself welcome new members, understanding that reading rules isn’t the best start so learning as are happy to become verbal rulebooks at hand as you delve into the game at hand, it’s certainly easier and more helpful.

The main reason we play, is to have fun, laughter can be heard throughout the days as plans go awry and dice rolls just don’t come up trumps. Winning is always nice but it’s the social interaction and the enjoyment in playing that will have you leaving wanting more.

We hold our game days at Cyprus Hall, Cyprus Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 8DX. Cyprus Road Car Park, at the rear of the hall hosts free parking on Sundays.

Entrance is just £5 per person for the day, paid on the day, inclusive of Tea/Coffee/Squash and Biscuits and your welcome to come and go throughout the day, pop out for some lunch or bring some back to carry on gaming.

We have no age restriction and welcome any well behaved children in with an accompanied adult right through to those young at heart pensioners looking for some extra activities to partake in and of course everyone in between.

We are on the level with disabled parking at the door and have fully accessible W/C facilities.

It is truly a hobby that brings everyone together and a fantastic sight seeing multiple generations sat down interacting over some card paper and plastic.

All money taken is put back into the club, securing the venue for further events, to promote the club within the local area and to add games to the ever growing library available for you to use at the events.

Our library, currently, consists of over 120+ titles, many of which are brought to our events for people to play. Other members also bring their own games with them to also play, meaning that your always spoilt for choice.

We will also have a ‘For Sale’ table in case any gamers are looking to raise funds for new games. So if you are looking to lighten your shelves then reluctantly bring down your unwanted board games and put them on the table, together with a post it note with your name and asking price. Buyers can then find you at the group.

In essence this is what I want from our gaming day, from a warm welcome from the offset, to a great social experience, where we can put our phones away for a few hours, interact with other people over a favourable common subject.