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Future Development of Burgess Hill

The future development of Burgess Hill is reaching a critical stage as decisions will soon have to be taken on the locations for additional housing and then the detail of a Town-wide Master Plan.  Burgess Hill Town Council is leading this process in partnership with Mid Sussex District Council and West Sussex County Council.  The Town Council has based its strategy on a major engagement with all sectors of the community through the Burgess Hill into the Future initiative and eight weeks of consultations earlier this year.  This included Councillors manning an exhibition of possible developments for the future in the Market Place Shopping Centre every Saturday during this period.

The Town Council accepts that additional housing is inevitable but it can only be allowed to happen if it can be used to solve some of the town’s existing infrastructure problems and provide much needed facilities for the future.  The opportunity is also being taken to resolve problems where business or sporting activities are located too close to residential areas has caused disturbance or disruption in the past. 

The approach taken in the early 1990s with the additional housing to the west of the town which resulted in the Triangle Leisure Centre, the A2300 link road to the A23, Jane Murray Way, the Green Crescent (140 acres), an extension to the Victoria Business Park and two school sites being provided.  This shows what can be achieved.

The Town Council has established a Masterplanning Fund as it is vital that professional planning advice is taken throughout this process and that staff time is freed up to deal with the wide range of issues and challenges the town is facing. All proposals will be analysed in depth and only supported if they meet the Town Council’s objectives to create a sustainable community.  It is essential that the town takes a constructive approach to the future, but is not submissive to development without adequate and funded improvements.  Too often in the past the town has suffered from the cumulative effect of piecemeal development which reinforces the need for the Town Council to take this holistic approach.

All Burgess Hill councillors, from town, district and county councils and all political parties, recognise that this is a vital exercise as it will shape the future of Burgess Hill for the next 20 years and beyond.  A Burgess Hill (Councillors) Three Tiers Group has been established to ensure this happens

Andrew Barrett-Miles, Chairman of Burgess Hill Town Council, said: “This is a pivotal year in the future development of the town and we need to balance the housing pressures against the needs of the town. We have achieved this before with the successful development to the west of the town which brought us much needed infrastructure such as the Triangle, the A2300, Green Crescent and Jane Murray Way.

“We now need to ensure we do this again, both in terms of the redevelopment of the town centre and the town-wide issues. By working closely with the community the Town Council believes that it can achieve a solution that will be of lasting benefit to our town and all its residents.”