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Housing Associations

Housing AssociationsCouncil housing no longer exists in Burgess Hill, they are now owned and managed by Housing Associations.  The Housing Associations that serve this area are:

Clarion Housing Group

Affinity Sutton Housing out of hours repair emergencies
To report a repair visit

Affinity Sutton Housing Association Rent Payment Cards – can be used at the following locations in Burgess Hill:

Post Office, 20-24 Leylands Road, Burgess Hill
St Andrews Newsagents, St Andrews Road, Burgess Hill
Co-op Stores, Sheddingdean Shopping Centre, , Burgess Hill.

Chichester Diocesan Housing Association (part of Hyde Housing Association)

Hyde Housing Association, (Sussex properties)

Moat For information on Affordable Home Ownership and Key Worker Living enquiries please telephone: 0845 359 6161.

Southern Housing

Sussex Oakleaf Housing Association