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Supporting or Objecting to a Planning Application

Q. How can I object to / support an application?
A. By speaking, emailing or writing to the Committee member representing your Ward before the meeting at which the application will be considered or by actually attending the meeting. At each meeting, members of the public are invited to put questions or to draw relevant matters to the Council’s attention, prior to the commencement of business. This is for a period of up to fifteen minutes and shall be limited to three minutes per person. Whatever method you choose you should also write to the Planning Office at Mid Sussex District Council stating your objections or support.

Q. Where can I view the plans for Burgess Hill applications?
A. Using the Mid Sussex District Council Online Planning Register or by visiting the Mid Sussex District Council Offices. If you would like a copy of any plans for Burgess Hill these can be obtained from the Help Point (there is a small charge for this service).

Q. When do the Burgess Hill Town Council Planning Committee meet to consider applications?
A. They usually meet every three weeks on a Monday night in the Council Chamber and Agendas are displayed on our Meetings, Agendas and Minutes page the Wednesday before the meeting.

Q. How can I find out what was discussed at the Town Council meeting?
A. Minutes of the meetings are put on the website within 5 working days of the meeting and are available in the Help Point. After a meeting the Committee’s observations on the planning applications are sent to Mid Sussex District Council where either a planning officer will make a decision or the application will be decided at a meeting of the Planning Committee. Copies of the MSDC Agendas and Minutes can be found on the Mid Sussex District Council website.

Q. How can I find out when Mid Sussex District Council will make a decision or what decision has been made?
A. By looking at the Online Planning Register

Q. Who do I contact if I think a planning permission has been breached or if consent has not been sought?
A. Mid Sussex District Council deal with the enforcement of planning control.