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Burgess Hill Community Governance (Boundary) Review


YOU WILL HAVE RECENTLY received a letter from Mid Sussex District Council regarding the Community Governance Review. This is a review by the District Council into the boundaries which affect Burgess Hill and the Northern Arc development.

WE UNDERSTAND this letter is somewhat confusing, so Leader of the Council Robert Eggleston has created an overview of how to respond to the letter, and help the Northern Arc become part of Burgess Hill.

PLEASE READ the attachment below for more information on the Community Governance Review and how best to respond to this letter from the District Council.

Click on the picture link below:

Burgess Hill Town Council Consultation Response

Burgess Hill Town Council Consultation Response

Previous information

THERE ARE 3000 HOUSES being developed on the northern side of Burgess Hill. The first phase has already commenced off Maple Drive. What you may not know is that much of this land falls outside of the boundaries of Burgess Hill.  Why is this important?

Burgess Hill Town Council has great ambitions for the town. We have just completed a 10-year visioning exercise which sets out many of the things we want to achieve for the town. This includes:

  • Rolling out the Inclusive Town project so that the town is accessible to all.

  • Securing the future of the Park Centre in collaboration with our partners.

  • Continuing the work we are doing to develop the outdoor market.

  • Building The Beehive through all its phases.

  • Providing more support to community groups and expanding our events programme.

  • Taking on services from other councils (for example rapid response pothole repairs).

  • Providing more allotments.

BY BRINGING THE NORTHERN ARC INTO BURGESS HILL our income could increase up to £250,000 per year enabling all of the projects identified above to come to fruition for the benefit of the whole community including residents within the Northern Arc. We can only achieve our ten year vision with the Northern Arc as part of Burgess Hill.

WE ASK ALL RESIDENTS to get involved and help the Town Council achieve its ambitions for the benefit of the community.