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Leisure Facilities

Local Parks

Photograph of St Johns Park, Burgess Hill

Fairfield Recreation Ground

Leylands Park

Marle Place Park

St John’s Park

Worlds End/Janes Lane

For more information on parks and maintenance please visit Mid Sussex District Council’s Website.

To book a tennis court or hire a football/rugby pitch please visit the Mid Sussex District Council Sports & Bookings page.


Venues for Hire in or Around Burgess Hill

BMX Track

The Burgess Hill BMX track opened in 2014 in Leylands Park. The track is the only one of its kind in Mid Sussex. The park features a ‘W’ shape to create a series of long straights and jumps, as well as a tightly designed pump track, a separate course where bikers use an up and down ‘pumping’ motion to propel the BMX forward instead of pedalling.

This area is perfect for new riders to practice balance, learn new skills and improve confidence on the bike.

Postcode: RH15 8RW

There is a Facebook page for the BMX Track. The Facebook page is maintained by a group of volunteers.


Sidney West Sports & Community Centre

The hall is available for hire to various groups throughout the day and into the evening and is offered, also, for party hires at the weekend (up to 14 years of age).  The facility also houses the Sidney West Children and Family Centre. To make a booking at the Sidney West Sports and Community Centre please click on this link.


Triangle Leisure Centre

The Triangle Leisure Centre is a sports and leisure complex offering a wide range of leisure and recreational facilities.

Please visit the Places for People Leisure website for more information.